Thursday, September 25, 2008

pictures from madagascar

View of the town. My house is located in the trees on the middle,
right side of the picture (you can't seee it sorry:). And the buildings just to
to the left of the trees in the middle, right side of picture are the class-
rooms to the EPP (the elementary school).

Kinsey's house-there is a red circle around where my house is
even though you can't see it:)
Kinsey in rainforest next to some big plant.

Kinsey by river in AAA.

Kinsey and new friends. Note they have a couch. Their house is acually nice for

rural Madagascar.

Girls fishing for crabs they caught 4 or 5 tiny crabs, smaller than a baseball.

Boy fishing, he didn't catch anything.

One of the buildings at the CEG, where I will be teaching. All classrooms open to

the outdoors.

A tiny waterfall that is on the rivers in AAA. The kids in town jump off the

rocks on the right after the fall on hot days.... I haven't tried it yet. First,

because swimming in fresh water is one of the PC Don'ts. Second, because I

can't confirm that there are NOT any crocodilies. Third, because I don't want

marary kibo (stomach sickness).

One of the lemurs we saw in the wild after hiking up the mountain.

Top of the mountain we hiked up.

Mountain we hiked up.

View of the town. This is one of the two rivers that runs though the

town. Go over the bridge and it's a 1 or 2 k walk to the CEG(middle school)

where I will work. Take the road that goes through town (parallel to the river)

and you can go to the market or it's one of the ways to my house.
These are pictures Kinsey E-mail to me to post for her. She was still having problems with her blog, and long lines to use computers.
Becky (Kinsey's Mom)

e-mail from kinsey Sept. 12, 08

Hi Dad, Mom, and Mallery,
I'm feeling much better today--rested all day yesterday, ate somebread, drank lots of water, slept 10 hours last night. Thankfully itwasn't anything serious. I think I'll go back to my site tomorrow(Saturday) and do my Internet and shopping today since I didn't do much yesterday.

i just found out that my In-Service Training is Dec 15-17 and then wehave Christmas Break, so I will be off from Dec 18 (thursday) til Jan.5 (Monday) when we go back to school).

there is this group that works in my town called ADRA (i don'tremember exactly what they do but i think they are an NGO or something). Anyway, one of their drivers, his daughter married a former madagascar PCV and they live in grand rapids, MICHIGAN! crazy,i know. makes the world feel a little bit smaller, home a little closer.

i'm trying to upload pictures, but the internet is slow and doens't like my blog. maybe i can get some pictures to attach to an email.i'm working on it though...promise. I LOVE YOU ALL and you know i miss you.~Kinsey Jo

(Becky Kinsey' mom)

e-mail from kinsey Sept. 11,08

Hello everyone!
First, thanks for all of the thoughts and prayers, letters, packages,and emails. How do I make you understand that a simple container ofSt. Ives facewash makes everything seems okay when I'm having a badday (Thanks, Casey! Got your package yesterday.)?

I came to Tana yesterday to "bank", although I don't really need themoney. We get three banking days a month, and I decided I needed topick up my mail, call home, use the Internet. My plan was to updatemy blog, add some pictures, and go to the store to get a few suppliesbefore I head back to site tomorrow. Well, plans change often inMadagascar. After calling home last night, I walked to a nearbyrestaurant to grab a hamburger and fries...a chocolate shake to. Thisis a ligitimate place, mostly foreigners go there, I've eaten thereseveral times. After an interesting night of little sleep and lots oftime in the bathroom, the PC doctor said I am probably suffering fromnon-servere food poisoning. Fun fun. I spent today drinking water,eating bread, resting. At least I'm at the PC transit house...TV,real bathroom. Makes being sick a little easier.

So, now I'm trying to make up for lost time, but the Internet is quiteslow and I can't really open my blog. Maybe I'll put up some pictureslater tonight or tomorrow. I think I may spend tomorrow night heretoo just to make sure I'm better. No worries. I am feeling betterthan I was around 7 a.m. Please don't worry, mom (or dad, mal,grandma, grandpa, grandma...etc.). I'll be fine.I'll update you later on my status and hopefully add pictures. I loveyou all and miss you.~Kinsey

This is the e-mail we received from kinsey she was having problems with her blog.
Becky(kinsey's mom)