Saturday, November 28, 2009

Back in Madagascar

Kinsey arrived in Madagascar on November 17 and after a week of training, Thanksgiving lunch at the Country Director’s house and swearing-in (again) at the US Ambassador’s house, departed for her site on Wednesday, November 25.

Her new site is located on the Indian Ocean, and the town has population of almost 40,000 people with a large number of foreigners. The weather is hot now as they are entering their summer – around 90 degrees during the day and only down to 81 degrees by 9:00 at night!

Megan, another PCV and friend of Kinsey’s, frequently visited the former PCV that lived at Kinsey’s new site, and will stay for a few days to show Kinsey around and help her get acquainted in the new town.

Starting on December 1, she will be teaching at the high school for four hours every Tuesday and Thursday. After the first of the year, she will also be teaching at the middle school two days per week.

If you want to call Kinsey, her phone number is 011 261 32 58 637 26. (I would suggest using the international call card company, PINGO, (check out if you don't have an international calling plan for your phone.)

Kinsey sounds good and is happy to be back in Madagascar. Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers as she learns her way around the new site and makes friends.

(Kinsey’s sister)

Friday, November 13, 2009

Second Time Around

Tomorrow I will embark on the second act of my Peace Corps Madagascar journey. I will depart home and the yellow dinosaur with dad, mom and Mal in the new (gently used) motorhome dad and mom will vacation in this winter.

I leave Traverse City at 8 am and have a layover in Detroit where I'll meet up with two PCV friends and fly to D.C. We'll meet up with the rest of the 11 returning volunteers and 4 Peace Corps Response Volunteers (they've already served in PC and will help out in Mcar for a shorter time). We fly out of D.C. after 5 pm and will arrive in South Africa 17 hours later...ugh. One night's stay there and then we'll fly to Tana on November 17th.

Although I am sad that I will not be returning to my original site, Anosibe An' Ala, I am looking forward to many new adventures in Mahanoro. The biggest difference between my old and new site will be the toilet and running water that I will have this time. While I am not excited to be classifed as "Posh Corps" because of these luxuries, I know I will be thankful every time I have stomach issues.

Mahanoro is on the East Coast just south of Vatomandry. I will be able to walk to the beach! And have fresh sea food whenever I want:) Feel free to come visit me.

Just like last time, I will be teaching English in the middle school. This time I will also be teaching in the high school. Since I served nine months before we were evacuated, I have about 15 months left of my service.

I'll keep you all updated as much as possible and my sister and mom will update this blog when I call them. Thank you for your support so far. Watch out Madagascar. Here I come!