Monday, May 10, 2010

Update from Mom

Talked to Kinsey last week. She is going good. She went to do some training a few weeks ago. She meet up with the other Educational Volunteers and Peace Corp staff. She also went on a vacation to a National Park with some of her friends.
The taxi brusse ride is always adventure, she said they decide which one to take by how many bags, chickens, bicycles etc. they have on the roof of it. If they don't have anything up there then they don't go with them not a good one. They always have extra 5 gal jug of gasoline in front, doesn't make her feel to comfortable since she is always towards the front.
Got her from her vacation, her roof had leaked. While she was gone one of her friends was watching the house and there was 1-2" of waster on ground in house, they got that out of there, but she has mold on her desk and her clean clothes on her shelves that she had to rewash.
She is back at her site now. Busy teaching til 6PM, but it starts getting dark there around 5:30pm so it is hard to teach on the blackboard, that is hard to see. She tries to do oral lessons then. Some of the students complained they could see and she said you don't need to see to speak. She will be teaching until June 21st then exams. 1st week of July for grades and review. July 16th "Grand Vacation" field trip to National Park Andasible close to Moranga(old banking town).
Some of her malagasy friends invited her for dinner the other night. They had eel. Said it tasted like fish. Texture was different. She wasn't going to go but she heard her dad tell her "Kinsey you should try it".
A week ago we tried for 5 days to call her and the operator kept saying it was invalid #. Finally we got through. I try and text her and she never gets my texts only her sisters. She can text us fine. Guess that international calling for you.
She has done load pictures on her facebook, I will try to put some on here for the ones with out facebook. For some resaon when she tries to down load pictures to her blog it won't work.
It is great to talk to her and hear her laugh!!!