Sunday, August 22, 2010

Update on Kinsey

It has been a while since I posted an update on Kinsey. She finished up teaching this school year at her town (Mahanoro). After she finished correcting around 300 exams, she headed to Tana the capital.

After a week of training with the other education volunteers, she and Dorothy head to the northern town of Diego to teach at the university. She is teaching the first and second year students and said the second year students are more talkative and not at shy as the first year. She was there til Aug.8th when her and Dorothy flew back to Tana where they met up with 5 of their friends to go on vacation. Yes I said vacation. She seems to have a lot of them. The group traveled to Morondava, which is on the west side of Madagascar, where they went on a 2.5 day float down the river in guided canoes, and camped along the river. Didn't see and crocodiles. Not sure if that is good or bad....

They camped in Tsingy forest/rock forest (limestone), saw caves with jagged rocks, crossed a rope bridge, saw lots of birds, lemurs and the famous Baobab trees (no leaves on the tree, round balls of fruit that are not edible). What an adventure!!!

On Saturday they headed back to Tana. Monday they will go to Mantasoa to help train the new volunteers for 2 1/2 to 3 weeks and then back to Diego to teach more at the university for about a month. The end of Oct. she will return to Tana for a conference then head back to her site in Mahanoro where she will teach another school year. She has decided to extend another 6 months to teach another school year. So instead of coming home in January, she'll return in July. She is doing good! till the next update......Becky (Mom)

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